A Villainous Apocalypse: Final Update (Part 1)

Hi, everyone!

This unfortunately is not a proper update as of the updates of old. Ever since Fire posted about not finishing the Chandlers, I’ve been thinking and I’m in a similar position. I doubt I’ll open my game again at this point (although I will be keeping the files just in case) and I wanted to give the Apoc some closure. I had the general trajectory (four remaining episodes) planned out, and a lot of scenes written, which I will share here as a “final” episode.

Episode 25 would have been the first to really introduce generation 6. You can find BodyShop pictures of them here and a partial generation 6 post here, but here’s a group picture of the main players:

 photo gen6group_zpsdtpzv3c7.jpg
(left to right: Kristin Holm, Idina Holm, Saxon Fitzhugh, Cassie Fitzhugh, Simon Morgan-Doran, Susie Morgan)

Saxon and Cassie Fitzhugh would have lifted Art and Culinary respectively. (I liked the idea of giving the middle finger to Culinary by lifting it last.) They are the children of Elle Fitzhugh, my generation 5 heir.

Idina and Kristin Holm are Saxon’s best friends. They are the daughters of Elle’s cousin Michael “Mikey” Holm and Elphaba Uglacy.

Simon Morgan-Doran (son of Phil Morgan and Kahlen Doran) and Susan Morgan (daughter of Barbara Morgan and Trent Doran) would have been Cassie’s closest friends.

As I stated in an earlier post, Episode 25 was going to be two parts, covering the same amount of time (the second half of Winter) from two perspectives. Part A would have covered that time from Saxon’s point of view.

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Part 2

CreMo '14 Starting Stats!

I'm doing SimStoCreMo again this year, like many other awesome people! This year, like last year, is a two-part goal:

1. Have both parts of Episode 25 written in full

2. Film and publish at least one of them

Right now I have three scenes of the second part of Episode 25 written. I have a beginning I might not keep for the first half. For the filming end, I need to play through my Winter rotation, which is half through at the main house. I plan to do that AFTER I finish the writing so I can take what shots I need as I go, because you all know how much I looooove filming :P

Going to start tomorrow; tonight is The Two Towers extended edition with the fam :D

I hope everybody who signed up meets their goal!

Myshuno! 2013: "I will not quit this game..."

Title: You Can
Prompt: “I will not quit this game because of what the media has done to me.” (Michael Jordan)
Universe: A Villainous Apocalypse
Word Count: 580
Rating: G/PG
Summary: Elle’s not ready for this
Notes: Preemptive warning for a very obscure description of a panic attack, just in case. Also, this or something like it will go in a future update, so it’s spoilery, but somewhat out of context.

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Myshuno! 2013: Grey's first day of school in Sierra Plains

So, I don't normally get on the writing bandwagon this fast, but I was chatting with Lark last night, and she was all "I bet I can get Myshuno before you!" Which, y'all must understand, is a sucker bet :P But she hadn't done it when I got up this morning so I spent a couple minutes wavering before going "...screw it, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED."

(She beat me anyway, but I still wrote up more than one prompt.)

Here's the first one :P

Title: Good Help
Prompt: Grey’s first day of school in Sierra Plains
Universe: A Villainous Apocalypse
Word Count: 680
Rating: PG (for language only)
Summary: Saxon does his cousin a favor
Notes: This is canon, probably not going in a future chapter. Grey and her parents live in Sim City, so college is the first time she goes to class anywhere near Sierra Plains.

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Post-Politics House Tour

*points to icon* I signed up for Camp NaNo this month and have basically failed at it the entire time. However, in lieu of writing, I am trying to do something useful, and so you get picspam! Back when I lifted Politics, some people asked for a house tour, and I was looking at pics for the next interlude today and realized I actually had taken some for that purpose, sooooo...here you go!

(Sidebar: none of the rest of the houses in the 'hood are nearly this interesting. I've mostly been modifying bin houses because I hate building with all my heart and soul. 8x8 box, come baaaaaaack *sob*)

 photo housetour01_zpscea7e8a9.jpg

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Hope you enjoyed! I had a good time designing and building it. never again Interlude coming this week!

Meta #7

Just to get this out of the way: this meta is spoilery for Episodes 21-24. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

FINALLY, I get to post this!!! I have been working on this particular meta for months years now, adding and changing things as I played and wrote through my intended plot. I started back in…wow, probably August or September of 2009 when I was trying to lay out my thoughts and realized that I was beginning to forget how it all got started in my head and some of the reasons why I chose to take the directions I went. So I began writing it out, which is good, because I’ve forgotten half of this over the years and only remembered my initial thought process after I reread the draft. Now I finally get to share.

This almost ought to be three separate metas because there are three major subplots that make up the whole generation 5 story arc, but I am presenting them all together anyway and each part is clearly divided from the others and under its own cut, so if you need to take a break, hopefully it’s easy to reach a stopping point and come back later.


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