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Myshuno! 2012: Writing a letter

Soooooo Myshuno! deadline's in a week and this is my first prompt response (and a rather depressing one at that). I'm really behind on starting as well as reading everyone else's for personal reasons, so sorry about that. I'm going to do my best to read through some of the older things as well as finish a Myshuno! in the next week.


Title: Missing You
Prompt: Writing a letter
Universe(s): A Villainous Apocalypse
Word Count: 355
Rating: PG
Summary: The letter Elle couldn’t muster up the courage to send.
Notes: Spoilery, but not something that’ll surprise anyone.

...it's the way I've always been.Collapse )

Card time again!

Thanks everybody for the awesome prompts! I took at least one from each person, and then a second from some others depending on how inspired I felt by them. They are now randomized and on the card, so here you go!

CardCollapse )

Trailer Park Challenge Poll

I am playtesting Fuzzy's Trailer Park Challenge because it looked way too fun and it's nice to be able to play something without any storytelling expectations. As with an OWBC an heir poll is required and my oldest is about to become an adult so I figured I'd just do it now while I'm thinking of it! Here are the candidates:

Poll below cutCollapse )

Vote away and thanks in advance! I may post some picspam, at least, if not a full story.

Meme time!

I love this meme a lot and I got a couple of requests for Fitzhughs. If there's anyone in particular you want to see, let me know!

The New, Improved Character Survey of DoomCollapse )

Sort Your Sims

So, my dear friend themorganlegacy asked for this, and as the Pottermore craze has begun and some people are already plotting HP crossovers anyway, I don't see why not. So! In the spirit of the Get Married +8000 Fest and the Fall in Love +5000 Fest, I present to you...

Sort Your Sims!

You can do anything sims-related with this, whether it be a short story, photoshoot, or something else. The only stipulation is that it has something to do with the Potterverse--more specifically, with the four houses of Hogwarts! Which houses do your Sims belong to? Let's all figure that out. FOR SCIENCE!

As before, here's how this works:

1. Respond to this post with your username and a link to your story. People can then respond to you with prompts. These can be general prompts, specific situations, specific characters, or other kinds of prompts they think you can use. For example, a prompt I might leave for De could be: "Donna and Anne, the Sorting Hat."

If you receive a prompt you would like to respond to, just reply directly to the person who left it with either the response or a link to where it can be found (if, for example, it's a photoshoot or a story that is too long for a comment).

2. If you don't write a Sims story, or you don't want prompts, you can reply to this post with a general prompt that anyone can use if you would like. For example, I could leave a comment with the prompt "A Sim turns to the Dark Arts," and anyone would be able to use it if they so chose.

No matter which method you choose, when you respond to a prompt, please put "FILL" in the subject line of the comment. That way, people will be able to find the response easier without having to wade through a bunch of comments that have been collapsed.

And now for the rules!

1. Please only post content that is PG-13 or lower in your comments. If you want to write or film something more explicit, put it on your journal, and link it here with a rating/warning.

2. Play nicely with the other Simmers! We want this to be a good time for everyone :)

Finally, please feel free to link other people here, and to leave as many prompts for others as possible! This is a community-wide ficfest in which anyone can participate.

Have fun, and may the odds...wait, no, wrong fandom :P Happy Simming!

Why not

The Fitzhughs: A Drinking Game

Take a drink every time:
~A Fitzhugh male rolls Romance (and again if 20 Loves or 20 Woohoos is the LTW, and again if they get it)
~A Fitzhugh child is born with red hair
~A Fitzhugh child is born with the Nose
~Any Fitzhugh wears green
~Spencer is awesome
~Rhys fathers a girl
~Ursula yells at someone
~Raikov does something horrible
~Tristan does something horrible
~Anyone makes a really, really poor judgment call
~Any member of the family starts giving another the silent treatment
~Riku opens his mouth
~A member of generation 5 hooks up with an import
~The panda chair appears in a shot

MULTIVERSE BONUS: Drain the glass whenever a Fitzhugh screws up another story's family tree.

(Thanks to regacylady for starting the meme, heh)

The Runaway Bride: Behind the Scenes

So after Di and I got done being absolutely exhausted, we decided that it was time to get started on a Behind the Scenes post for Runaway Bride! And here it is. Although it's being posted on my journal, it is by both of us (just different sections, and we have indicated where). We hope you enjoy!

WARNING: The second section is INCREDIBLY spoilery for Doctor Who's second season, so if you plan to watch the show and haven't, bear that in mind.


How our version came to beCollapse )

Marina, on writing itCollapse )

Di, on staging itCollapse )

Happy New Year!

To start off 2012, Di (dicreasy) and I are proud to FINALLY be able to share the project we've been obnoxiously cryptic about for the past month...

(Click the pic to go to her journal and the story)

We hope you enjoy! :D



Guess what I'm going to do now that finals are over? >:D

Simspiration - 11/10/11

My entry for today's prompt "Buying a wedding dress" is too long to post at the comm, and also THERE BE SPOILERS HERE, so I'm posting it on my journal. I've kept things as vague as possible, but there are still some minor things. Enjoy!


Just a dress?Collapse )

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Meta #6

I should be working on NaNo right now, of course, but I’m writing meta instead. Isn’t that always the way?

This is actually a meta I’ve been wanting to write for a while. I would have written it to accompany Episode 21 if I’d thought of it then, but considering everything that went down in 22, it’s more appropriate here. Mostly it refers to 17-22, but I will be referencing events from much further back.

Basically, last night I was in chat with Rose, Ori, and Ang (whom you’ll recall helped me out with filming for 22). Ang mentioned that she’d nicked some of my CC she liked after filming, which led to a discussion on just how screwed up my Fitzhughs are and reminded me that I did want to talk about some of what directed my story to this point. The seeds of my current plot were really planted way back in episode 10, maybe earlier, although I had no idea about the specific plot generation 5 was going to have at the time (more on that in another meta which will probably come after Episode 24). To sum up, have something I said in chat last night: “Being in an Apocalypse screws you up, unless you’re Rhys, in which case you can’t GET more screwed up, so the only way to go is to get better.

WARNING: This meta contains implications regarding Episode 22. You can read this before reading the update and not be spoiled, but it works best if you read the update first.


On Harry, Elle, and the psychological/environmental factors that make them who they areCollapse )

A Villainous Apocalypse - Episode 22

And here's the honest and for true new episode!

Please comment at Boolprop, and I hope you enjoy!

Scribd version if you prefer it
Your eyes are not, in fact, deceiving you! I come bearing a two-part update! Here's the recap half.

Please comment on Boolprop, and I hope you enjoy!

Scribd version if you prefer

Myshuno!: Art school

Title: Unsubtle
Prompt: Art school [card]
Universe(s): A Villainous Apocalypse
Word Count: 364
Rating: PG
Summary: Saxon’s major is a joke, but at least he has Nora to suffer with him. Or something like that.
Notes: This is canon for the Apoc and a similar scene will probably appear in an update in the future, but it’s only mildly spoilery.

I am not impressed by your unsubtle attempts at matchmaking, you know.Collapse )

Myshuno!: Getting new clothes

Title: Clothes Make the Man
Prompt: Getting new clothes [card]
Universe(s): A Villainous Apocalypse and A Victorian Legacy
Word Count: 1,805
Rating: G
Summary: Stuart arrives in Sierra Plains, where Marina gives him a (bad) crash course in modern ways.
Notes: Takes place right before Di’s piece Fish Out of Water, and it's canon, sort of a cut scene from Episode 19. Also, I actually finished a Myshuno fic! Another is coming in a few minutes, in fact, and I have two more in the works.

What is this?Collapse )

Moar teens!

Really quickly: Spring Class is teened and their pictures have been added to the Generation 6 post back yonder. I must write more and such before I can play them again but eeeeeeeeeee teenagers <3

Short blather on Apoc doings

So it's the 16th of October and I have not posted a single Myshuno! response yet. That stuff's been slow going since I'm having trouble finding time and inspiration to get it done. (On the bright side, my student teaching this semester is going REALLY well, and I might have a placement for next semester lined up, so at least the important stuff is going!) Because I'm really busy at the moment, I've been having to make some choices about what I do with my limited free time, and some of that's gone to spending time with friends, but some of it has also been going to Sims, since my last update was March of 2010 and I feel awful about that.

I'll be honest: my plans for Episode 22 are pretty ambitious, by my standards anyway. I really, REALLY hate staging, so for that reason I try to make my scenes as simplistic as possible and do as much staging as I can during regular play if I know what I need ahead of time. Unfortunately for me, 22 requires a lot of extra shots that I don't have, and the longer I put it off, the more I want to include. Rather than just tell you what is happening with Azula and Dominic, I want to show at least some of it. Meanwhile, I also need to show the growing tension in the main house and spend some time with Billy.

That said, I do have half the update written, and a general idea of what the rest of it's going to be. I will be very happy if I can have a written draft by the end of the week. What I also have is a written draft of a recap for 13-21, and I plan to post that simultaneously with 22. After that, we'll see. I don't know how much needs to go in 23--I definitely have a lot more filmed for that than I do for 22, so depending on just how much that is and when I can get 22 out, you MIGHT see it by the end of the year. I'm not making any promises on this, though. I just wanted you guys to know I'm working on it. I feel like finishing 22 will get me over the hurdle, and it's about freaking time the stupid challenge got finished, anyway. My last two restrictions ought to be easy peasy.

In other news, I've been playing a little bit trying to get all the houses through Fall. The current cutoff point of 23 is three days into the season, so most of the houses had already been played at least that far (to get the Winter class teened and the Fall class born). Yesterday afternoon I played three more houses to the first day of Winter, which leaves only the Warners, and then everybody will be caught up.

I am really excited to get to know generation 6. The genetic blends this generation are pretty awesome, and I love the variety of point spreads I've got with them. College is going to be amazing fun, and I can't wait to get there. I'm pretty excited just to get to Winter, though, because Saxon teens then which means I finally get to introduce him to Donna. (And, uh, some other things will happen then, too. Nothing important. Nope. *shifty glances*) I would really like to do regular picspams for the Winter rotation. I probably wouldn't include a lot of pictures from the main house, but I'm having a lot of fun with the whole neighborhood and those pictures ought to be shared.

Unfortunately this also means that it's getting to be generation 4's time to go. Three of them are already gone, in fact, and six more are due to die sometime during Winter. They'll all be gone (except for Suzy, who is a fair bit younger than the rest) by the end of Spring. Meanwhile, generation 5's Spring class is getting dangerously close to eldering, and I've decided this is not okay, so everybody's getting a hit of Elixir once Winter starts. Maybe two. I haven't decided.

Oh, yes, and yesterday while I was playing the Morgans, Simon and Susie acquired LTWs even though they're not teens yet. I haven't looked to see if any of the other kids have them--I'm kind of scared to. I really hope I won't have to rebuild again. I have backups out the wazoo so I shouldn't, but it's still worrying.

TL;DR - I'm working on an update, and playing is starting to be fun for me again. :D

Myshuno! card

Here is mine at long last. I had a lot of prompts I really wanted to use and at least one from every person I got excited about, so thanks everyone who gave me ideas! I did combine a couple of them and some others that are not on the card will probably inform how I write some of this up.

My final list of prompts was randomized before I added them to the card.


* “So baby dry your eyes/Save all the tears you’ve cried/Oh, that’s what dreams are made of” (Van Halen – “Dreams”)
** “When two people meet, each one is changed by the other so you’ve got two new people.” (John Steinbeck)

So looking forward to this!
The Exchange is back up, at least for now, and we've all gone into SAVE ALL THE THINGS mode. Most of us have been using Tina's Slidefy program to quick convert Exchange stories to .odp files that can then be converted to .ppt and/or uploaded to whichever slideshow site you prefer.

This includes older stories, where the authors may no longer be around to save and convert their own stories. Rose and Doc have put up posts where people can volunteer to retrieve such stories for archiving purposes--we want newer Simmers to be able to go back and read these stories! I know they were the ones that got a lot of us into either playing the game or trying specific challenges/Sims storywriting, and it would be nice to go back and look at them. De also suggested an LJ comm where we can post the archived stories, so look for that soon.

So, if you have some time to spare, Slidefy only takes a few minutes to use and it would be great if a bunch of people could help out with yanking everything just in case we lose the Exchange for good next time it goes down. Also, save your own stories if you haven't yet!

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