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A Villainous Apocalypse - Entr'acte

 photo interlude3_cover_zps7987dda6.jpg

Smoothie Sims, Inc. proudly presents...

A Villainous Apocalypse


 photo interlude3_01_zps58533b4e.jpg

 photo interlude3_02_zps08bd5952.jpg

 photo interlude3_03_zpsff36df1a.jpg

 photo interlude3_04_zpse4ed1721.jpg

 photo interlude3_05_zpsda83cd6e.jpg

 photo interlude3_06_zps10f6a321.jpg

 photo interlude3_07_zps8d51c58a.jpg

 photo interlude3_08_zps6271da29.jpg

 photo interlude3_09_zps01dfa84c.jpg

 photo interlude3_10_zps507a0d69.jpg

 photo interlude3_11_zps482c6cde.jpg

 photo interlude3_12_zps7332ea49.jpg

 photo interlude3_13_zps520b22fa.jpg

 photo interlude3_14_zps05f98ef9.jpg

 photo interlude3_15_zps1726491a.jpg

 photo interlude3_16_zps28b3ea7f.jpg

 photo interlude3_17_zpse74d8654.jpg

 photo interlude3_18_zps0d316b87.jpg

 photo interlude3_19_zps755632c9.jpg

 photo interlude3_20_zps1b695e17.jpg

 photo interlude3_21_zps77033a39.jpg

 photo interlude3_22_zps21bd2f77.jpg

 photo interlude3_23_zps00e03a2d.jpg

 photo interlude3_24_zps403442c1.jpg

 photo interlude3_25_zps69fa5bb2.jpg

 photo interlude3_26_zps65eedc27.jpg

 photo interlude3_27_zpsf6734d08.jpg

 photo interlude3_28_zpsf6b1b876.jpg

 photo interlude3_29_zps1510f2f9.jpg

 photo interlude3_31_zpsc6a44886.jpg

 photo interlude3_32_zpseb230fe6.jpg

 photo interlude3_33_zpsafc27c62.jpg

 photo interlude3_34_zps79c34b4d.jpg

 photo interlude3_35_zpscb01c0a1.jpg

 photo interlude3_36_zps859455f8.jpg

 photo interlude3_37_zps84105d18.jpg

 photo interlude3_38_zps41c8913f.jpg

 photo interlude3_39_zps5dafa78c.jpg

 photo interlude3_40_zpsf1701fa1.jpg

 photo interlude3_41_zps1bf5a822.jpg

 photo interlude3_42_zps377c7f8f.jpg

 photo interlude3_43_zps7c3adf9b.jpg

 photo interlude3_44_zps6511251e.jpg

 photo interlude3_46_zps812d1322.jpg

 photo interlude3_45_zps25224c4e.jpg

 photo interlude3_47_zps1b9b3f5e.jpg

 photo interlude3_48_zps6a29ae80.jpg

 photo interlude3_49_zpse3731054.jpg

 photo interlude3_50_zps8aeb5c96.jpg

 photo interlude3_51_zps5087e893.jpg

 photo interlude3_52_zps3db0c69e.jpg

 photo interlude3_53_zps526ccb47.jpg

 photo interlude3_54_zps19475b06.jpg

 photo interlude3_55_zps0f9b2f24.jpg

 photo interlude3_56_zps492d8a22.jpg

 photo interlude3_57_zpsa4620bc7.jpg

 photo interlude3_58_zps31a61662.jpg

 photo interlude3_59_zps443bc94d.jpg

 photo interlude3_60_zps37429925.jpg

 photo interlude3_61_zps8c6f688d.jpg

 photo interlude3_62_zpsd3becc52.jpg

 photo interlude3_63_zpse7990991.jpg

 photo interlude3_64_zps4821f6fb.jpg


 photo interlude3_65_zpsa055b74b.jpg

Author's Note

Presenting! The new, improved...Elle Fitzhugh! Now featuring a cute new haircut and better self-esteem, we hope :P I gave her this makeover back in 2011 and have shown maybe ONE person since then.

Anyway, I filmed this solo vacation for her back when I thought it was going into a chapter, and only recently made the decision that the main story would skip to Saxon's teen years after Episode 24. It'll get referenced in 25, for sure, but since I had the pictures already, I thought a pics-only interlude would help bridge the gap a bit. I'll be talking about the grandparent vacation later, too, since something important happens there for Saxon.

Two-part Episode 25 coming later this month, hopefully! Elle's half is mostly written, but Saxon's needs to be posted first, so we'll see what happens :P

Until next time, thanks for reading and Happy Simming!


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May. 6th, 2013 06:43 am (UTC)

[Spoiler (click to open)]It's so refreshing to see Elle having a new hairstyle and better confidence! That trip to Takemizu Village is lovely and exciting to see as well. I have to admit that my favorite part was when she got chased by bees. :P

You've done well with this update. The pictures speak for themselves clearly, which helps me understand it.
May. 6th, 2013 09:30 am (UTC)
I love the new hair! It especially works given that the kids are getting older, it makes her look more ~mature~ and whatnot. And she gets a new outfit, too, yay!!
May. 6th, 2013 12:11 pm (UTC)
[Spoiler (click to open)]I can feel the weight that Takemizu has on Elle in the early pictures, where she looks like she's wandering without a purpose and only seeing Takemizu as the place that set off the whole chain of events with Azula's honeymoon. I'm happy that Elle spoke up for herself again in the update to tell her parents that she needed this vacation. I also like seeing her gradually become more comfortable.

The new hair looks nice on her! I'm still not used to it, because the long ponytail is so iconic on her. But since she's been through a lot, it's time for a haircut.
May. 6th, 2013 05:06 pm (UTC)
I loved this. I love how we can see her relaxing and coming to terms with what she has been through as the holiday unfolded. And I love, love, love her new hair. I'm so glad she cut it. :D
May. 7th, 2013 12:26 am (UTC)
It's so good to see Elle come to terms with everything and just relax. The new hairstyle looks good on her!
May. 9th, 2013 01:39 am (UTC)
Yay! Ellie looks super cute with short hair! It's amazing what a simple change of appearance can do to your self-esteem. Can't wait to see what happens next!
Jun. 10th, 2013 07:41 pm (UTC)
Belated Comment time!

[Commenty]Poor Elle, trying to deal with kicking her husband out. No matter how much of an ass he was, no matter how badly he mistreated her, she did love him, and, well, it's still going to hurt like hell when it all comes crashing down. I'm glad her parents realized that and gave her some time to deal by taking the kids on their own vacation and letting Elle do what she needed to do alone.

So did you choose Takemizu because it suits Elle best or because it's where Azula and Dom got trapped? Because, like, she had to make peace with that as well, I think.

Yay for feeling better about herself! I like how Elle looks in long hair, but I completely understand why she cut it, considering how Tristan treated her hair. It was a very physical step in the healing process.
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