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SimStoCreMo 2013 Goals

Thanks everyone for your comments on my mini-update! I'm about to go reply to them all. Meanwhile, time for CreMo goals!

My Goal

To have the full text of Episodes 23 and 24 written, and at least one of those updates posted, by April 1st.

I have the first scene of Episode 23 in a Word Document and a solid idea of the progression of both updates. Tonight I'm going to make an outline, and tomorrow I'll go from there on the writing.

As far as pictures go, I am not certain what I already have in game, although I do remember waiting to play on a couple of occasions until I was up to filming scenes I knew I would need. I'm sure I can use a lot of what I have, especially since I've decided that from this point on, my updates are going to be a lot lighter on pictures than before. I'm anticipating 50-70 instead of 120+. When I have the text, I'll see where picture placement needs to happen and take it from there.

I'd like to get Episode 23 done and posted quickly. Apocaversary is in a week, so there's no way THAT'S happening, but getting it up before the end of March will be close enough.

I hope everyone else who signed up for CreMo does excellently this year! :D

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