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Myshuno! 2012: Why Elle prefers yellow

Title: Yellow
Prompt: Why Elle prefers yellow
Universe(s): A Villainous Apocalypse and The Morgan Legacy
Word Count: 980
Rating: G
Summary: Saxon introduces Donna and Nora to his mother.
Notes: Spoilers of the mild, “you knew it was coming” sort. Donna is, in fact, a half-cousin to Phil and Barbara—all three have Stephen for a grandfather.

Saxon felt odd about bringing new friends home. He had never done it before, since his childhood friends were mostly extended family and the children of people his mother knew well. Those friends had long been vetted by his mother and grandparents. He wasn’t worried, exactly, that Elle wouldn’t approve of Donna and Nora, but he felt strangely apprehensive about it just the same. Flashing the two girls a smile, he unlocked the front door and led them inside out of the cold. “I’m home!”

“I’m in the office,” his mother called.

“Come on,” he said to the girls, and headed that way. He glanced back to see that Nora took everything in with wide, appreciative eyes, while Donna looked a bit more nervous, twisting her hands as she walked. He frowned, but said nothing about it, not wanting to cause her further discomfort.

They reached the office door, and Saxon tapped on it before opening it. “Hey, Mom, I’ve got some friends with me today.”

“I thought Idina and Kris were—" Elle turned in her chair, saw the newcomers, and produced her nicest smile. “Oh, hello.”

“This is Donna and Nora,” said Saxon, gesturing to his companions. “They’re staying with the Morgans for a season or so. Donna’s Barbara and Phil’s cousin.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” said Elle. She got up and offered her hand to them, and they each shook it politely. “Well, we’ve had all sorts of excitement this winter! Where are you two from?”

“Belladonna Cove,” Donna replied. “We had the idea to take a road trip, and a…family friend recommended we come here.”

“My Nana,” Nora explained. “She kept telling us how great it was here and how we’d like the people.”

Elle’s smile stayed on her face, although Saxon detected a hint of puzzlement. “Do I know your nana?”

“She said to tell you she’s friends with Grampa Spencer,” said Nora, quite unconcernedly.

“Nora’s a Fitzhugh, too,” Saxon said, at seeing his mother look outright confused. “Second cousin, twice removed, right?” He glanced at Nora for confirmation. They had worked it out at the party the other night, but he wasn’t sure he’d remembered it correctly.

“Right,” Nora agreed.

Elle relaxed somewhat. “Ah, well, no wonder. I knew we had other family outside Sierra Plains, but this is the first time I’ve met one of them. What about you, Donna?”

The blonde shook her head. “I’m related on the Morgans’ side,” she said.

“We won’t hold it against you,” Saxon said, with a wink, which made her smile.

“Don’t let me keep you on your feet,” said Elle. She herded them all out of the office and into the kitchen, where she produced a tray of instant drinks left over from the previous evening and invited them to help themselves. “It’s about all that keeps,” she explained, somewhat apologetically.

“It’s more than fine,” said Donna politely. “Barbara already told us about the rations. Thank you.”

Nora took a sip of her drink. Saxon envied the fact that she could do it with a straight face. “I really like your sweater, Mrs. Fitzhugh,” she said brightly, nodding to it as she spoke. “Yellow’s a nice color on you.”

“Thank you, Nora,” said Elle, flushing a little at the compliment. “You can call me Elle or Ellie, though. We’re cousins, after all.” Her eyes fell on Nora’s yellow sundress. “Ah, aren’t you cold?”

“Not really. People keep asking me that but the weather doesn’t really bother me.”

“I have no idea how,” Donna grumbled, as Nora continued chattering away to Elle. “No offense, Saxon, but your winter’s ridiculous.”

“None taken, since it is.” He looked over at his mother and Nora, unable to help smiling. It seemed that Elle liked his new friend, not that it was really possible not to, and now it appeared that they had their mutual love of yellow things to bond over. “Does Nora always wear yellow?”

“I’ve never seen her in anything else,” said Donna.

Saxon nodded. “My mom’s the same way. It’s her favorite color.”

“Nora’s, too.” She smiled. “It says a lot about her. If I didn’t know her so well, I’d be able to pick out her personality just by that.”

He didn’t reply right away, taking a moment to mull over Donna’s words. He could see it, with Nora. Her personality was invariably cheerful and sunshiny, and he had definitely guessed it right away before they’d even been introduced. However, it wasn’t just the color, though that had helped. There was something about the way she carried herself and a natural glow in her face.

Those were things Elle didn’t have, and now that he was paying attention Saxon could tell that she preferred more muted yellows than Nora did. He frowned a bit. He knew that his mother was a very different person and that she had good reason to be, but all of a sudden, he couldn’t help wondering why yellow was her favorite color and why she always wore at least one piece of yellow clothing.


Donna’s voice broke him out of his thoughts. He turned to her with a smile. “Yeah, I agree,” he said. There was no point in thinking about it overmuch. It was likely that Elle just liked yellow and that there wasn’t a big psychological reason behind her preference of that color. “What about you?”

“You mean what’s my favorite color?” She thought about it. “Well, I don’t really have just one, but I like pink and yellow and orange a lot. You?”

“Dark blue and grey,” he replied.

Donna laughed. “And here I was expecting you to say yellow,” she quipped.

He grinned, able to tell that she felt more at ease. “Nah, I’m not that original. You and Mom and Nora are welcome to it.”

She smiled back, and it warmed him straight through.


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Oct. 31st, 2012 02:03 am (UTC)
:) Yes, Ellie approving of Nora. :D
Oct. 31st, 2012 02:16 am (UTC)
Awwwwwwww! ♥♥♥
Oct. 31st, 2012 02:45 am (UTC)
If I had to guess, Saxon, I'd say it's because it subconsciously gives her hope. A soft radiance rather than the bright bold that is Nora. :)

Loved it, Marina!
Oct. 31st, 2012 04:41 am (UTC)
Awwww. Yay meeting and getting along and all!
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